Whether you want to focus on customer acquisition and retention or targeting a new audience, we work with you to simplify the process and focus on what makes the most sense to reach your marketing goals.

247 Real Media are a digital marketing agency based in Bristol. We are not 24/7 Real Media based in New York.

We work with marketing strategies, SEO and social media. Social media offers our clients the chance to engage with their customers.  Many elements of companies are being improved by social media. Through Twitter, Facebook and the like, our clients are able to publish positive information regarding their business and their services, connect with customers instantly, gain customer feedback and monitor buzz surrounding their brand. Web Design.

To do, so we use a wide range of proven services including: 

•Situational Assessment

•Competitor Analysis

•Strategy Creation & Advice

•Implementation Guidelines


•Social Media Management

•Weekly and Monthly Reporting

•Software/Tool recommendations

•Social Profile Creation



 At 247 Real Media we’re always happy to chat so do give us a call if you’re interested.


Introduction to Digital Marketing Technology

Digital marketing technology helps you understand and reach your audience most effectively so you can generate the most revenue.
For advertising campaigns, ad serving technology makes it possible to serve the right ad, at the right time to right person.  That means your advertising is being as productive as possible. 
If you’re a publisher, you can use web analytics to find out everything you want to know about your audience.  How did they find you and what are they doing on your site?
Search marketing should do more than just bid on keywords.  It can encompass everything from evaluating your site, your business and your competition to developing a strategy that may include paid search and search optimisation to improve your natural rankings.  When technology is working for you, you’ll understand your audience at a whole new level, and it will show up on your bottom-line.


Open AdStream

Open AdStream lets you manage all of your ad campaigns easily and efficiently in one place.  It’s the only ad management platform that integrates web analytics, comprehensive behavioural targeting and rich media, while allowing you to manage inventory, contracts and all of your campaigns.
What does Open AdStream do for your business?  First, is the benefit to your bottom line.  It allows you to increase the value of your ad inventory by competing more effectively for ad spend.  Second is the flexibility you have to serve advertising in any format in any digital medium.  Third is the access that you have to hundreds of additional advertisers through our Global Web Alliance. 
Open AdStream is a proactive platform with real-time reporting that gives you the transparency and visibility that you need to forecast where you’re going and actively manage your inventory.  When you can see trends, then you can easily identify revenue-generating opportunities and get your sales force focused on the right strategies. 


Decide DNA

What is underneath our #1 rated search marketing services?  Decide DNA, the leading search marketing technology platform in the industry. 
A smart system, Decide DNA is built around the criteria that support your campaign goals.  It generates your keyword lists, manages and optimises your bids across multiple engines, and then provides you with true global views that make reporting easy. 
Decide DNA goes beyond the big three Search Engines and helps our customers reach global markets and gives them the ability to regionalise their campaigns anywhere in the world.  Unlike other technologies, we support multiple currencies and languages.  So, if you want to reach consumers in Korea or Japan, you don’t have to worry about currency conversions or local language support, Decide DNA takes care of that for you.