Whether you want to focus on customer acquisition and retention or targeting a new audience, we work with you to simplify the process and focus on what makes the most sense to reach your marketing goals.

247 Real Media are a digital marketing agency based in Bristol. We are not 24/7 Real Media based in New York.

We work with marketing strategies, SEO and social media. Social media offers our clients the chance to engage with their customers.  Many elements of companies are being improved by social media. Through Twitter, Facebook and the like, our clients are able to publish positive information regarding their business and their services, connect with customers instantly, gain customer feedback and monitor buzz surrounding their brand. Web Design.

To do, so we use a wide range of proven services including: 

•Situational Assessment

•Competitor Analysis

•Strategy Creation & Advice

•Implementation Guidelines


•Social Media Management

•Weekly and Monthly Reporting

•Software/Tool recommendations

•Social Profile Creation



 At 247 Real Media we’re always happy to chat so do give us a call if you’re interested.



Welcome to 247 Marketing

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Facebook currently holds over 500 million users, of which over 50% log in every day. Twitter has over 280 million accounts and YouTube has over 13 million hours of video uploaded, making social media a fantastic resource for any business. There are various goals which clients have in mind when deciding to use social media within their social media strategy. However, there are certain objectives we will always aim to meet with our social media services.

•Improve social media integration into website

•Increase traffic, both online and offline (where relevant)

•Improve conversion

•Increase brand exposure and awareness

•Improve brand image

•Compliment current SEO strategy

•Increase site links

•Improve customer service

•Increase conversions

Internet marketing is about increasing online traffic, identifying areas where potential customers would look for your web site and make sure it is visible from that area.  This means understanding your businesses market area and analysing that market and your competitors to better understand what online customers are expecting and where they expect to see you.

Search engines have become more and more prevalent to a persons online activity in the last few years, with more and more people using search engines to find products, business, information etc.